Build a Cozy Log Home

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Log homes are known for their rustic elegance. This type of house is perfect for those who love wood tones and the benefits of using logs as a construction material. Pick Kamman Homes LLC as your log home builder in Huntingburg, IN. We use beautiful and sturdy pine timber to give you the best result. Our D-style logs will give the outside of your home a round look, while your interior will have flat walls.

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3 benefits of log homes

3 benefits of log homes

Your log home will be completely customized. Logs are a great building material because:

  1. They make your home energy-efficient
  2. They can withstand the elements
  3. They’re long-lasting

You can also rely on us for a matching heavy timber roof system. Call us today at 812-630-9402 to talk to a log home builder.